Godzilla Defense Force Hack Tips For Beginner

Everyone almost certainly knows Godzilla or has watched the movie as a kid. In the movie, Godzilla comes as monsters which destroy Tokyo and Japan. If you want to play this genre game, now you can play Godzilla Defense Force which you can download on the Play Store or App Store.

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This game was released by one of the leading publishers, Nexon. Which always release interesting game to play.

With a very simple concept, because of the betrayal of aliens who came to attack the earth starting from Tokyo, you have to defend yourself from the attacks of gigantic monsters.

When you first time opening the game, you will get coins to build troops and upgrade weapons to defeat huge enemies. Or to buy new weapons that will help you beat the enemy a lot faster.

Godzilla Defense Force can be played by anyone because it is straightforward to understand, and there is a tutorial feature when first playing this game. But of course, you need a Godzilla Defense Force hack to help speed up upgrade or unlock new weapons. Here are some Godzilla Defense Force tips that you can do.

Call Troops When Monsters Come

As the person in charge of defending the city against the onslaught of giant monsters, your main task is to build a solid military base with adequate weapons. When you first open the game, you have a command center that will call troops to fight monsters.

Over time, you can upgrade weapons so that more troops are made, build military bases, missile shooters, tanks or barracks that will prepare a powerful combat force.

All troops will fight on their own, but as mentioned, you can speed up the time how many soldiers will join in the battle by pressing the screen so that you can use the reinforcements. As you continue to increase the number of your troops, you must be able to survive against the waves of monsters that come, ranging from small monsters to giants as bosses at each level.

How to Beat a Giant Monster

Yes, we all like giant monsters, but those feelings fade a little when you fight them with weapons and tanks at each level. Every boss you face will get stronger as the level rises.

For this reason, by using the Godzilla Defense Force hack, you can upgrade or purchase unlimited weapons so that defeating giant monsters is easy.